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Since Merina Gris debuted with their single ‘Besteek Zer’, they've been a constant "stand out" on the Basque scene. Their sound combines violent and vibrant pop songs with avant-garde, making the nostalgic elements emerge into generational hymns, positioning the band among the artists to be considered at the Spanish-state musical panorama. In March 2022 they released "Zerua Orain", their debut LP produced by Ed Is Dead, which led them to put up the ‘Sold Out’ sign in less than 24 hours for their debut concert, a path that was complemented with more than 35 concerts on national and international level. The band’s identity and visual presence needs to be highlighted; composed of three masked and anonymous figures, a philosophical base bet with the aim of putting the focus on the “what” instead of the “who”. Art above the person.