The club festival takes place over two nights in seven venues in Gothenburg, all within walking distance from each other. We'll only put on edgy stuff that will tickle your thing, some 30 shows will be presented and we're expecting bands and artists from all over Europe, and some beyond, still the focus will be on our own hood. Who plays where and which day will be announced closer to the event. 


borås, sweden

The Bongo Club have played shows in the UK, Mexico, USA and obviously, Sweden. Everlasting and noodle fed tours has given this energetic and talented band a following of fans pretty much all across Europe. The label debut album “Anybody Have A Lighter? (2018) had the first single, Seventeen, mixed by legend Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve, Kaiser Chiefs) while the second one, Tell Your Friends, made editorial playlists on Spotify and top ten in the radio charts in Austria and Germany. This November they will tour in Japan and release a new single just before the show at Viva Sounds.


malmö, SWEDEN

This spring, Paul Rey released the song Good For Me, premiered at a height of 10,000 meters on a plane en route to Austin's music festival SXSW. Since then, the artist has played at Brilliant Minds before, among others, Barack Obama and he participated in several stops on the RIX FM Festival Tour in Sweden last summer. Despite Paul Rey's young age, it feels as if the artist has already lived several times, he has collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Quincy Jones, among others, and all have led the artist to what he really wants to be, a pop artist! The new song Hurt, to be released Oct 4th is no exception.



Six years have passed since the formation of Alpaka, and loads of things has happened along the way. What started as just a fun project between friends from school has now grown into something way more serious. The debut album, Echoes, was released in March 2018 and this year the band has played both abroad and at home, and with great results. Since this spring, the band has gotten a stronger focus on their sound and a new visual concept has been implemented, and all will be in the open by the next release.


malmö, SWEDEN

Toi Let is a rock band from Sandviken. They live and work in Malmö and next year they plan to release an album


göteborg, sweden

The Swedish/Icelandic duo Baula consists of Ísak Ásgeirsson and Karolina Thunberg. Since they formed in 2015, the band has done gigs at off-venues during Iceland Airwaves, played on Nordic By Natures 'Die Neun Scweden' and been praised by music media such as JA JA JA, HYMN and GAFFA. The name ”Baula” is taken from the Icelandic word for the sound that a cow makes. It is but a piece of the puzzle in the description of the band's sound that is otherwise inspired by the bands such as The Raveonettes and Man Man. After a series of critically acclaimed single releases, the band released its debut EP "Drought" May 27th.



Being born and raised on the Island of Gotland has meant a long and committed relationship to the ocean. The water made its way into Bowski Island’s life and music and it’s his number one place to go for inspiration. Combining atmospheric sounds, guitar playing and melancholic lyrics, Bowski Island creates an oceanic world of his own.


göteborg, sweden

Paradisäppelvägen is a pop/rock band from Gothenburg. The band plays peculiar songs that alternate between euphoria and melancholy, and they're doing it with influences from Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver and Ted Gärdestad. Trying to create and develop their sound the group is moving easily from bombastic soundscapes to fever dreams and from upbeat songs to fine tuned ballads. And always with Swedish lyrics. The debut album was released earlier and has gotten the band around a whole lot.



The Swedish trio Ilusio from Gothenburg has taken off with a bang! The trio started playing together in 2017. One year later they won the national live competition Emergenza Sweden 2018, giving real proof that they are a live act to count with, that can handle the stage and capture the crowd. The debut EP ”Låtsasvärld” was released Spring 2019. With a melancholic view on todays’ society, Ilusio tells us of living in a world of false reality. Mixing anxiety, depression but also hope they try to convey an honest image about dystopia.


linköping, sweden

Inspired by Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and the free lovin’ spirit of 1969’s legendary Woodstock Festival, Children of the Sün embody both the carefree and reflective sides of classic rock music. This band look like hippies, sound like hippies and even bring a wooden sun on stage with them - but the sunshine flows through their performances all by itself. Children of the Sün released Flowers via The Sign on July 26th, 2019. Soulful and psychedelic, they use their music to conjure up feelings of freedom, love, and a connection with the natural world.


helsingborg, sweden

Sticky Heat is a funk band from Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. Influenced by hip hop, rock and neo soul they create strong beats that makes people move to the groove. They love playing live and came in second place in the national band contest “Livekarusellen” in spring 2019. Shortly after they were disqualified from another band contest, Popkorn, after taking to the stage for an unauthorized encore when the audience wouldn't stop clapping. Tribe is their debut on Spotify, soon to be followed by even hotter original compositions by the group. When they're playing a venue close to you, it will be loud, so join the crowd.



After a six-year absence, Vancouver's Lightning Dust are back, no longer a sub-group of their former band Black Mountain, but now a fully independent entity. The duo of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells tends to thrive in the spirit of change. Their history has seen them tackle gothic pop, golden 70s FM rock, and Carpenter-esque synth-orchestrations, all the while maintaining an emotional base-camp. Their latest album, Spectre, (Oct 4th), will bring Lightning Dust to Europe as a 4-piece cosmic rock ensemble, playing Viva Sounds as their only show in Sweden on this trip.


malmö, sweden

The Malmö based punk rock band Vånna Inget got three studio albums released and have toured plenty in Sweden, the US and Japan. The third studio album, titled Utopi, was released this spring and it might show a more thoughtful Vånna Inget than before, but the the bands fiercy nerve and intensity is present, just like before. Even tho in a slightly different format, Karolina Engdahl still sings with an imaginary knife against her throat and with the her heart wide open, and the barbed wire that always seems to surround Tommy Tift's guitar is as sharp as ever before. In short, it's about time Vånna Inget comes back to Gothenburg.

mimi bay

gothenburg, Sweden

18-year old bedroom pop artist mimi bay is set for big things. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist started to write and self-record her own music and shared it on her YouTube channel Hi I’m Mimi, which has grown to near a quarter of a million subs. Now, with some 10 million streams on Spotify plus her ever-growing YouTube fanbase, she's at the forefront of the bedroom pop. With the release of 'really', (June 14th), mimi bay explores the feeling of unrequited love, the dreamy heartfelt track is set to bring back memories of a past love that you never seem to get over. mimi will send you into a musical daydream with her sweet soft-pop vocals and emotive guitar playing. mimi’s debut EP is to be released later this year.

sam florian

Karlstad, sweden

Blending lo-fi indie with mid-tempo bedroom pop, Sam Florian writes and records his music in a small apartment in Karlstad, Sweden. With the release of his first single ‘Days’ in early 2018, Sam quickly gained a lot of attention by fans and music editors all over the world by being one of the highlights at Spotify's playlist Fresh Finds. Florian's debut album ‘Youth’, (May 2019) is heavily influenced by the 80's, lo-fi beats and disco elements. During the past few months Florian’s experimented with his native language, Swedish, which lead him to release his latest EP called ‘Vånda’ on September 6th 2019, featuring the two Swedish singles ‘Jag e ful i alla ljus’ and ‘Scenskräck’ that dropped earlier this year.



22-year old Sofie Dopha released her debut single 'September Till June' (Sept 27th) and recently moved to Copenhagen. Leaving her upbringing in tiny Romalt on Jutland, the place is the nerve and atmosphere of the first single, as space and time is all over the song. Sofie Dopha writes present and heartfelt songs with role models such as Lana Del Rey, Norah Jones and Taylor Swift, but has succeeded in creating her own musical identity, which is firmly rooted in Scandinavian melancholia.

Nathan Aeli

gothenburg, sweden

Art & revolving things. Alternative sound pollution from Gothenburg, Sweden, planting seeds and trees. A 25-year old Scandinavian formation of carbon, materialized from extreme pressure and involuntary evolution. Music has been put out over this year, the album yet to come.



Frontback is back with a new album that, with a more modern touch, shows that the band still gives everything they got! After a lot of shows at Sweden’s biggest festivals, among others, Anlo Front (winner of 'Sweden’s Rock Voice') and the guys now proudly releases their third album Don't mind the noise. The album is full of joy and energy to the music mixed up with a lot of rock’n’roll, catchy vocals and guitar riffs.


VIENNA, Austria

Two EPs highly praised by the music press, two successful singles, a #1 on Hypem charts, sensational appearances at well-known festivals like Liverpool Sound City, Sziget Festival, plus a nomination at the UK Music Video Awards in October 2017 as “Best Pop Newcomer” – no wonder the Viennese duo Lea Santee is seen as the next big Austrian pop thing. Listening to the latest single 'Wine', it gets clear why the duo is attracting so much interest at the moment. Although both members came from the indie rock corner, they have turned to electro-pop as a duo and their sounds shows a band that definitely has what it takes to draw attention on the international stage.


Vänersborg, Sweden

The Heavy Proto Metal Stoner Blues Doom Demons from Vänersborg is a heavy metal trio that made their name in the underground with a raw and honest version of the music they love. With two records done, gigs at Sweden Rock Festival and some European tours, the equally important third production ”The Nekromant Lives” was released October 2018 on American Ripple Music, and received with open arms, by the Heavy Metal fans as well as the stoner/doom scene. 2019 they won the Rockpodden Prize, as a band that ”has the will and ability to carry the future of Swedish rock music”. Part of that award, we welcome the band to Viva Sounds.


Linz, Austria

The Linz-based band counts on calm psychedelic moments merged with heavy fuzz and driving guitar riffs, a fusion epitomizing the right amount of progressiveness and beaming the listener directly into orbit. Since their formation in 2009, Parasol Caravan's fuzztronauts have worked tirelessly on their reputation as an outstanding live act in the stoner rock cosmos. After support shows for big names like Truckfighters, Kadavar, and Colour Haze, the band is raring to release their long-awaited new LP on October 25th, and one thing is certain: The Fuzz is strong on this one!


Uddevalla, Sweden

Electric Hydra formed during the winter of with a common love for Kyuss, Entombed and Black Sabbath. The first studio session was released on Spotify and the band got into the live game playing with Lucifer, Fredag den 13:e and Spiders. The debut 7-inch was released to coincide with shows at SWR Barroselas Metalfest and Sweden Rock Festival released on Moondawn May 31, 2019. New material is on its way out as the band recorded in Welfare Studios and more gigs are confirmed from August 2019 and onwards, including the Malmö Festival, Skövde In Rock and Fuzz Festival, and Viva Sounds.


Uddevalla, Sweden

With an urge to create haunting and devastating soundtracks, Revenge Prevails started up to spread apocalyptic chanting across the mortal world and released "Dark Trembling Solace" in 2015. The second full length titled "False Hope Cruelty" came to light in 2017, being a monument and a monolith both formidable and vicious. In 2019, Revenge Prevails will rampage like a fierce bull through the landscape of live performance as well as writing new material, apart from that, the future is unwritten.


Gothenburg, SWEDEN

KÅRP hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, first surfaced with the single Therapist^2 in October 2017. The electro-quartet creates music that brings consciousness to transcendent places. KÅRP has previously released the singles "Therapist^2", "Freak Smile" and "Kuipier Belt", all celebrated in the international blogosphere and the collective has been compared to artist like The Knife, Robyn, Grimes and Lorde.
In early 2018 the song won a competition on Swedish Radio P3 and got plenty of air time over a few months. KÅRP, who met at an ufology seminar, find their inspiration in the paranormal - and there are usually mystical circumstances that comes into play when KÅRP creates their ”death disco”.


Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Arvid Nero has been described as the missing link between Marlon Williams and Ryley Walker, but with his own expression. The debut album ”Mother Earth” (produced by Johan Håkansson) got lovely reviews in Sweden and also got him nominated at both Manifestgalan and the Gaffa Prize for 2019. The picture drawn by Arvid is made on fantasies where the lyrics tell melancholic stories about things Arvid observes in his surroundings. Arvid was supporting act on Albin Lee Meldaus sold out winter tour, and has also played Spot festival (DK) and Öyanatt (NO) followed by several festivals in Sweden this summer.


Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Slowgold is Amanda Werner's musical alias. She creates timeless, poetic stories that are brought to life with distorted guitars as well as dreamy vocals floating around. 2015 she released two albums, Stjärnfall and Glömska. Two years later came the acclaimed album Drömmar and last year the Grammis-awarded album Mörkare was released. Right now, the next Slowgold album is taking shape in the studio.


Liverpool, ENGLAND

Formed in 2016, Red Rum Club are a sextet from Liverpool, and possibly the hottest band the UK has to offer 2019. In May the band sold out every show on their 9-date UK tour, this summer they headlined the This Feeling Stage at festivals Isle of Wight, Tramlines and YNOT, as well as playing GLASTONBURY for BBC introducing. The band offers a ’Tarantino-esque’ vibe (with the help of a solitary trumpet), mixed with 80’s-Liverpool influence with some catchy lyrics on top, which creates the sound that is unmistakably, Red Rum Club. Proud to say, their Sweden-debut will take place in Gothenburg, at Viva Sounds.


Stockholm, SWEDEN

Indie artist Linn Koch-Emmery has kept busy releasing contagious lo-fi indie over the last two years. Shows has taken her around Sweden but also to Germany, Mexico, UK and the US. Since the debut EP "Boys" (2017) it’s been a buzz around Linn (The Line of Best Fit, DIY Magazine), and her songs has been picked up by radio stations KCRW, KROQ and P3. Latest EP ’Waves’ was no different, people like the sounds and this summer Linn played Roskilde Festival (DK) and Way Out West in Sweden - now ready to release more music, and to play Viva Sounds. 



Pom Poko started at full speed and played shows at Roskilde (DK), The Great Escape (UK) and Øyafestivalen (NO), in their first year as a band. Their songs were released to receive praise from BBC, Line of Best Fit, NME and the Norwegian radio NRKP3. The bands sweet but punky melodies, disco-fried art-rock eruptions and balls-out individuality seems hard to resist -  and what’s not to like? Intense grooves, bouncy guitars and absurd riffs makes Pom Poko a band to catch live, so let's reduce the testosterone, increase the sugar rush, and get ready for this K-PUNK explosion!


Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Fontän comes alive somewhere between psychedelia and club music, and their mix of genres have resulted in tracks admired all over the  world. The band has worked with El Perro del Mar and Silverbullit and received praise for their headlining performance at Convenanza 2017, invited by Mogwai and Andrew Weatherall. Following their acclaimed 2009 debut ’Winterhwhila’ band members Johan Melin and Jesper Jarold traveled to Bhutan for a new direction, and the results of that trip were shown on the bands 2017 album ’Fontän’, an album ranked as one of the top albums 2017. Still, there’s something different to experience this band live.



The music of Dives celebrates levity and lightheartedness of juvenileness. The bass lines offer a rhythm that works with the fast-paced lifestyle of young adults, supported by impelling beats of the drums and all belted together by edgy, up-front guitars that sometimes loses itself in a loop-driven vortex of sound. On top of it all, you got melodies and interesting voices bringing all together to a full package. More than anything Dives is about friendship, having a good time and inviting every audience on their journey.