September 29th, Sweden will go full capacity on live shows!

Being forced to keep the lid on 2020 means it's time to pop it wide open again! Viva Sounds started as a tiny club event in Gothenburg 2017 and has become a pretty decent club festival in super friendly venues since then. We're a boutique type indie event and what we put on stage just gotta have something. We don't care much for streaming numbers or brand endorsements, we mostly care about live output, sticky floors and smiles.

We are not looking to grow our event in size, only in quality, and we feel eager to start presenting bands and artists who will blow minds and play the stages lined up, moving east to west, from Järntorget to Stigbergstorget:
Pustervik, Holy Moly, The Abyss, Fyrens Ölkafé, Oceanen, Café Hängmattan and Musikens Hus.

30 shows, 8 stages, 2 nights, and a pretty cool conference knitted into it. 2019 was amazing - 2021 will take down the house. It's time to have a party, it's time to celebrate, it's time for Viva Sounds.
Welcome to Gothenburg!

Applications are now closed and we will get back September 15th to all who showed interest. Thanks!

"Another stellar effort from Viva Sounds, a festival that continues to punch well above its weight."
Mystic Sons, UK

"It's rare to experience so many smiles in Gothenburg at the same time and a better rating is difficult to get."

"Viva Sounds got the potential to grow even bigger next year, already looking forward to its 2020 edition."
Under The Radar, US

"Viva Sounds and its organizers Westside Music Sweden really succeeded with their concept and to contextualize a club festival for the public."
Gaffa, SE