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Four new artists confirmed, three countries included and plenty of stuff to see and hear. November approaching fast. What more can you ask for, a sunny day in May? Obviously nothing. Nada!   

With a powerful voice and dramatic stage presence, multi-artist Kristina Issa (in picture) from Gothenburg delivers her unforgettable art pop. From Belgium we welcome BLUAI, award winning and splendid, with their debut album "Save It For Later" just released to standing ovations. Gothenburg maniacs in The Family Men are along to bring their new, fresh and loud noise rock, and Danish Kindsight to caress your desire and love for indiepop.

Many more to come, of course, so just strap in. In the meantime, make sure to have a listen and grab that ticket.

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Viva Sounds 2024 - Nov 28-30, Gothenburg

Photo by Nadim Elazzeh