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Viva Sounds happens in Gothenburg. It’s the second city of the country, out of the limelight and with time and space for things to grow a bit different. This advantage affects everything here: music, events, art, venues, people, the spirit and the soul of the city, and it means lots to Viva Sounds. The part of town where we hold court is lovely and the festivals moves around two hubs, Stigbergstorget and Andra Långgatan, five minutes apart on foot. Since the neighbourhood is not only venues and Viva Sounds, here's a selection on where to shop, drink and eat. Plus some links to further read up on why you should make Gothenburg your next festival weekend. 


Plenty of the venues we work with got great kitchens and you can easily get stuffed at Holy Moly, Fyrens Ölkafé, Hängmattan, Oceanen, Skeppet, Utopia Jazz - and if you want to see more rooms, we can recommend the following as well;

Eli's Corner - Stigbergstorget 2
Next to Fyrens Ölkafé, in the middle of it.

Blackbird - Stigbergsliden 3
Vegan greatness down the street from Stigbergstorget.

Solrosen - Kaponjärgatan 4A
Classic vegetarian, been around since forever.

Göteburgare - Andra långgatan 11
Completely vegan burger place. 

Stigbergets Shangri-La - Gamla Varvsgatan 1

Local brewery gone public, serving smaller dishes.

Chateau Beirut - Karl Johansgatan 7
Lebanese dishes, across the street from Musikens Hus

Crippas Café - Kusttorget 1
Vegan bar and restaurant, run by local punk rock legend.

Restaurang Fatimas - Oskarsgatan 4
Moroccan food and deli, on family recipes. Only lunches. 

Kafé Zenit - Allmänna vägen 11
Café also serving lunch and stuff, next to Musikens Hus.

Kafé Kid - Värmlandsgatan 19
Around the corner on Andra Långgatan, great coffee and poke bowls.


Bengans Skivbutik - Stigbergstorget 1
The dome of vinyl and CD in Northern Europe, since 1974.

Andra Långgatans Skivhandel - Andra Långgatan 33
Biggest used record shop in the city.

Dirty Records - Andra Långgatan 4
Coffee, records, vegetarian café - great combination.

Armadillo Records - Stigbergsliden 16
Small store with a good selection of rock, pop and jazz on vinyl.

Linné Skivbörs - Andra Långgatan 20
Great selection of jazz, soul, reggae, rock etc.

Mynt & Musik - Stigbergsliden 22
Vinyl, cd's, books, comics, dvd and more.


The archipelago
From the area of our event it's way closer to get out in the southern archipelago, by tram to Saltholmen and then onto the ferry. The islands are free of cars and even more beautiful in winter than summer. It's a must, just do it.


Liseberg is the no1 amusement park in Scandinavia and always dress up nice for Christmas. Go hunting for gifts at the market, ride some carousels and enjoy the beauty of the park. It's pretty cool.


Gothenburg is a city that’s easy to love. While Stockholm tries hard to impress, with polished, hyper-stylised spots, the second city is more naturally cool, and nowhere more so than Järntorget and Långgatorna, where locals go to let off steam.
The Guardian

Small enough to explore on foot but big enough to keep you entertained, Gothenburg combines the buzz of city life with a relaxed, friendly vibe.
Faraway Worlds

Creative mediums like art, music and cuisine formed the foundations of the new vision and, over time, Gothenburg has cleaned up its act and evolved into the thriving cultural hub it is today.
The Independent

Friendly and laid-back, Gothenburg has the hip up-and-coming neighbourhoods and vibrant cultural mix you’d expect in a much bigger city – as well as a world-class craft beer scene. Gothenburg has been ranked as the world’s most sustainable city for the last six years running, according to the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDSI).
Visit Sweden

Boasting an eclectic blend of heavy industry, neoclassical architecture, a burgeoning contemporary arts scene, and recently voted the most "sociable" place in the world.
Travel Agent Central

Other Swedish cities might brag about their top teams but only Gothenburg can lay claim to having the most successful club on an international level.
Culture Trip


There is a town called Gothenburg in Dawson County, Nebraska, US. Founded in 1882 by Olof Bergstrom, whom we assume came from Gothenburg, Sweden. Population in Gothenburg, Nebraska was 3421 two years ago. This Gothenburg got an awesome Pony Express Station – and fact is, Gothenburg is the Pony Express Capital of Nebraska and has many visitors yearly to their community thanks to the Pony Express Station. As you may be aware, Buffalo Bill (real name William Cody) claimed that he served as a Pony Express rider at the age of 14 and also alleged that he once rode a record 384 miles in a single run - sadly there are no records of him ever carrying mail. 
Also worth mentioning is that the local high school in Gothenburg names all their sport teams Swedes. How about that?