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A potato playing jazz saxophone, this can only mean one thing. That's right, we're adding to more venues to this year's festival! Check this fly stuff out. 

You already know how much we enjoy hosting the festival in the area around Andra Långgatan and Stigbergstorget, so no - we're not gonna change that. But we are adding up on stages, which also means more artists! Say hi to Potatisen (Swedish for Potato) and Utopia Jazz!

Potatisen is a completely new and cozy restaurant, focusing on live music and entertainment. It's the perfect vibe if you wanna go out with your friends for a snack or a drink, or of course - if you wanna catch some good tunes. Just around the corner from Holy Moly, which means it's just around the corner from everything else during Viva Sounds! Don't miss it, and check it out here.

Utopia Jazz is where you should be if you're just a general fan of live music and friendly people. Located right on Stigbergstorget it's literally just a few steps away from the other late night venues of Viva Sounds. Make sure to drop by for a nice cocktail, dinner, a local craft beer or some jazzy jazz. Wanna check it out? Do it here.

12 venues in total. So far. Let's see what happens...