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We're once again opening the doors for industry players and people of the press. And trying to include everyone we're also adding a summer discount to our tickets. Pretty nice, right? Yes, thank you.

Are you an agent, a manager, running a label, doing some PR work or something completely different in this tangled djungle we can the music industry? We just opened our applications for delegate and press passes to Viva Sounds 2024, and you are more than welcome to fill it out! Hit these words to find the right place.

Not a worker in the glamorous music industry? Don't worry, we got something for you as well. Use the code VIVASUMMERSOUNDS when purchasing your ticket and get a 10 % discount. Later on you get more bands as well, we promise.

And for all of you wondering "will there be any one day tickets?", the answer is YES. Just hang in there a bit longer.

Find your tickets and applications right here.
Viva Sounds 2024 - Nov 28-30, Gothenburg

Photo by David Travis