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Here comes the sun, summer and four new confirmed acts to Viva Sounds 2024. The wheel keeps on spinning with Sweden, Norway and Belgium; making it impossible to stay at home in November. 

Today, this fine, gray Gothenburg Thursday, we find ourselves with four new bands completely implemented in the biggest-to-be Viva Sounds line-up. Death By Unga Bunga have been creating havoc since their formation of stellar melodies and guitar harmonies 15 years ago. Gothenburg's very own Obstruktion appeal to fans of Obituary, Hatebreed, Dismember, Harm's Way and Sepultura, their tightly knit sound transgresses the boundaries of musical trends. From Belgium we welcome Lézard, a complete world of danceable tunes á la David Byrne and 80's post-rock. And Stockholm gives us the latest from its raw punk rock scene in Sodakill.

Hold on tight. We got plenty of more names to give you, it's all just a matter of time. Enjoy your summer, never forget November 28-30.

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Viva Sounds 2024 - Nov 28-30, Gothenburg

Photo by Magnus Jovik