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Pustervik | Friday | Nov 29

"Like a mix of Van Halen and the Cocteau Twins - but from Turkey". That's how Los Bitchos' multi-instrumentalist Serra describes the band's retro-futuristic cocktail of surf-rock, Turkish psych, Peruvian chic and Argentine cumbia. And with members with connections to Australia, Sweden, Turkey and Uruguay, it's no wonder their colorful debut album "Let the Festivities Begin!" (2022) is as varied as it is irresistibly catchy. The new single "La Bomba" brings even more hooks to the table and will as surely as the sun shines bright over this band keep the crowd on its feet from start to finish.

*This concert is a collaboration with Pustervik and Luger. It requires a special ticket; "3-DAY + LOS BITCHOS".